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Church Volunteers,
In order to do our best to protect the children that come to New Harvest and provide
for a safe environment while under our care, the board and pastor of New Harvest has
made a new requirement for NH Children’s ministry volunteers and staff called
MinistrySafe Sexual Abuse Awareness Training. This requirement goes beyond our
signed policy and procedures, US background check, sex-offender registry check, and
internet presence check (ie. Social Media, Google, ect).
The MinistrySafe training is an integral part of creating a culture of ethical conduct and
a safe environment for New Harvest. This training is due to be completed by existing
volunteers within 30 days of being notified by email of your online training model. All
future volunteers must complete the training BEFORE being activated to serve. The
online training includes just over one hour of videos and a quiz at the end. All
certificates of passing completion need to be sent to frankfortnewharvest@gmail.com
to be kept on file.
MinistrySafe training has the possibility of triggering certain thoughts or memories in
your own past. If this training has surfaced anything, to an extent that you may need to
talk to someone, please contact the pastor immediately to schedule a meeting.
Thank you for your help in creating a safe environment for the children and youth of
New Harvest!
God Bless,

Scott A. Bowman
727-510-0324 Cell/text