Discovery on Adventure Island

Chinese Christian Mission Church

2022 華人福音基督教會暑期兒童聖經夏令營

                Vacation Bible School & Adventure Camp (8/2-8/6 9am - 3pm)

                "Arise! Shine! Your light has come; the LORD’S glory has shone upon you!" - Isaiah 60:1

                                                              Dear Parents,   

                                     Send your kids on a quest for God's great light! 

Discovery on Adventure Island invites children to arise and shine because the light of God's love has come and is shining on them. The children will be empowered by exploring ways God shines great light in the world. From a whimsical lighthouse on the tropical, enchanted Adventure Island, children (Explorers) begin their quest in search of five mysterious infinity lanterns that help light their way on the island. These lanterns are the light of Love, the light of Trust, the light of Faith, the light of Joy, and the light of Hope. Ultimately, children will learn how to shine God's light in our world today!

Please note that this year's VBS is on a Tuesday to Saturday. At CCMC, we value family times and believe that parents are the children's number one faith leaders. Therefore, we invite all parents to join your kids on Saturday to explore God's light!

Please apply through this website and mail payment to: CCMC, 4528 Bennett Memorial Road, Durham, NC 27705. Registration Fees: $95 by June 15th, 2022, $120 after June 15th. Pre-k/K (4-5 year old, 9am - 11:30 am) fee $25.

When registering your child, please read this liability form and indicate that you have read it and agree to it on your registration form. 

After-camp program (until 5pm) will be provided on a need basis. Please note on registration if needed.


8/2/22 – 8/6/22


Chinese Christian Mission Church
4528 Bennett Memorial Rd
Durham, NC 27705


Felicia Chang, Children Ministry Coordinator