The Incredible Race

Beallwood Baptist Church

The Incredible Race 2019!

A race. But not just any race. A race filled with fun clues to find. A race loaded with interesting challenges to attempt. A race around the world that’s a global scavenger hunt like you’ve never seen.

At the same time, it’s about another race. A race that began at the Garden of Eden and continues until this day. A race made up of all people from all time. What race? The human race.



6/17/19 – 6/21/19
9am - Noon


Beallwood Baptist Church
4650 Veterans Parkway
Columbus, GA 31904


Church Office

Daily Pit Stops

As we move from continent to continent in The Incredible Race Vacation Bible School, we’ll make pit stops at various times before, at and after the hugely important Tower of Babel incident and see how it greatly matters today.

  • Day 1 Before Babel – As the race starts, we explore the beginning of the human race and how nobody was running a perfect race through life.
  • Day 2 At Babel – On this leg of the race, we stop at the Tower of Babel to check out the important and loving roadblock God provides there.
  • Day 3 After Babel – On leg 3, we see how the human race develops into people groups with different languages, cultures, and physical features, but how we are still one race.
  • Day 4 Babel and the Gospel – On our fourth leg, we discover the need to yield our lives to God as he reaches out to all nations, tribes, peoples, and languages with his love.
  • Day 5 Why Babel Matters Today – On the final leg, we learn lessons from Babel, realizing because God loves us, we also ought to treat others with love and respect, not prejudice and judgment.

From the minute our racers arrive at The Incredible Race, they’ll find fun waiting to happen! The day begins at the Check Point Assembly, where we will get our mission for the day!

And dont forget:  Friends and Family night! 

Thursday, June 20th at 6:00 pm! Come see what all the excitement is about, and enjoy a free ice-cream fellowship to follow!

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