Pine Mountain Christian Community Church

Join us for Vacation Bible School 2022!

We'll zoom around Australia, we'll discover amazing animals and visit breathtaking locations, like Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef.  More importantly, like a boomerang, we are returning kids to what the Bible says about the value of life.  We'll discover how precious each and every one of us is to God.



6/20/22 – 6/24/22
9:00AM to 12:00NOON


Pine Mountain Christian Community Church
16301 Askin Drive
Pine Mountain Club, CA 93222


Our Office

We are so thankful that God has chosen us to have a Vacation Bible School again this year.   Your children are wonderful - we love 'em - and they are dearly cherished by our Lord.

We are currently accepting on line registation/applications for children age 4 up to completion of the 6th grade.  It's free!    

There will Bible lessons, crafts, snacks, games, music and a few other surprises each day.  We're looking forward to helping your kids unearth the value and wonder of all life created by God and for God.